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This Service Agreement for webmasters and advertisers upon registration in the System is an official written public offer of AMILeads.

Please carefully review the terms of the Agreement before registering for the affiliate program. The system can only be used under these conditions.

1. General provisions.

1.1. When registering for the affiliate program, the Parties automatically agree to the Agreement and undertake to comply with all its rules and conditions.
1.2. The Participant gains access to the affiliate network after registering and activating the account. The information the Participant enters during registration can be changed independently in their personal account, except for the email address. If it is necessary to change the email address, the Participant must contact their personal manager.

2. Purposes of collecting, processing, and storing information.

2.1. AMILeads (hereinafter the Company) manages and allows using the affiliate program hosted on the domain.
2.2. When registering, the Parties agree that the Company logs and tracks all actions of advertisers and webmasters, calculates, receives remuneration from advertisers, and pays earned funds to webmasters if a transaction was made. A transaction can be a product purchase, an application for a product or service, registration, etc. Based on the collected data, the Company determines whether the transaction was made or not.
2.3. The Company may suspend its services during technical and preventive maintenance. The Company is not obliged to compensate webmasters for losses incurred during this period.

3. Conditions for processing personal information provided by the User and its transfer to third parties.

3.1. The Company takes all necessary measures to protect the User’s personal data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction;
3.2. The company provides access to the User’s personal data only to those who need this information to ensure the Site’s functioning and to provide services to the User.

4. For the purposes of this Policy, “personal information about the user” means:

4.1. Data provided by the user in the process of using the Site, including, but not limited to name, surname, contact phone number and/or email address, IP address, MAC address, and others;
4.2. Data automatically transmitted to the Site during its use by the user’s software installed on the device, including IP address, information from cookies, information about the user’s browser (or other program used to access the Site), time of access, address of the requested page;
4.3. Other information about the user, the collection and/or provision of which is determined by the Site’s terms of use..

5. Changing and deleting personal data

5.1. The user may change (update, supplement) their personal information or its part, as well as the parameters of its confidentiality, at any time by sending this information to the Administration’s email address.

6. Changes to the Privacy Policy.

6.1. The Administration has the right to change this Policy to protect the user’s personal data. The actual edition’s last update date is indicated when changes are made. The new edition of the Policy comes into force from its publication on the site unless otherwise provided by the latest edition of the Policy. The current edition of the Policy for protecting the user’s personal data is at Amileads.site;

7. Rights and obligations of the parties.

7.1. The company is not responsible for unforeseen malfunctions in the operation of the resource and losses incurred as a result by the parties;
7.2. The company has the right to edit this Agreement unilaterally;
7.3. The parties are responsible for entering correct and truthful information when registering in the system.